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This review is for Helvin Rymer. I never thought the process of finding my first New York City apartment would go so smoothly! After a brief Internet search, I was pleasantly surprised to get a hold of Helvin. He's truly a mover and a shaker. His responses to me were immediate. He came across as very passionate about helping me find a place that would match my needs. He has access to many great buildings, and I knew right away when he showed me the first one that he truly understood what I was looking for. Helvin is an extremely efficient worker and has a firm grasp on the sense of urgency that comes with New York real estate. I feel very fortunate to have found him. Thanks, Helvin!!! Link: http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=7aVdUkdGhYCNd8HbcyxEdw
- Christina M.
Helvin was highly responsive and immediately struck me as an honest and trustworthy agent. The only reason I ended up renting an apt through another agency is because they showed me a listing first, thus I was obligated to go through them. I would definitely recommend utilizing his services if you place a high premium on your time and don''t want to be jerked around.
- Kevin Collins
Helvin is a tremendous broker! He came on a recommendation from a friends and he rocked. Smart, professional, and fashionable (identified him by his pink socks)! He filtered all the bull**** ads on Craigslist and saved me a LOT of time by taking me to the ones that actually fit my needs or by indicating which ones I shouldn't even bother with. Unfortunately, I found something in my own building and he wasn't allowed to actually show me it ... or else I would have closed one of the apartments he showed me. You can't go wrong with Helvin, he'll get you what you want! http://www.nakedapartments.com/me/Helvin
- Jaison Zachariah
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